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Pilates For Dancers
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  • Quotes From The Dancers:

    Jaimi ~ 

    The most valuable thing I learned through Pilates is how by strengthening the correct stomach muscles, almost all areas of my dancing will become more solid and stronger. The Dancer Advantage Pilates Program taught me to be more aware of my body and the exact muscles that I needed to be using at the right times. I felt that my strength in certain weaker areas got stronger and I felt an overall improvement in my muscle awareness. Sometimes you know which muscles you're supposed to be using, but you can't quite feel them in your body. This is what Pilates helped me with the most.



    I have learned that Pilates is essential and extremely helpful for dancing. It is a great way to develop strength without unwanted bulky muscles and has benefited my dancing enormously. I feel stronger and dancing has become easier. I have noticed an improvement in endurance, strength, stability, balance and stamina. Pilates also helped me through a stress fracture last year by maintaining my strength while recovering.



    I have learned how to really take care of and preserve my body in the best way I know how in order to execute everything I demand of it on a daily basis. 

    Of course, Pilates has definitely made me more aware of what my muscles are doing and I have noticed dramatic changes in the way I am able to move and be conscious of what my body is doing. Especially if I'm having an off day, I'm really able to figure out what it is I need to do in order to work the issues out. The Dancer Program is definitely something that all dancers should be exposed to, since we are so demanding of our bodies on a daily basis. Dancers need a way to learn how to take care of and preserve the body in the best, healthiest way we can. The program gives all of that information to dancers and you really see the benefits over time mentally and physically.