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    True Pilates World Wide

    TRUE PILATES NEW YORK is proud to be associated with the best Pilates Instructors in the world.

    While the rest of the Pilates world chases a vanity license plate called "Master Trainer" it is interesting that the one person in the world qualified to wear that tag chooses not to. Romana Kryzanowska while rejecting that phrase has continually pushed the value not only of her magic, but of the wonders of Pilates itself as Joseph taught we teach it to this day. Yes when you visit our studio you may be lucky enough to have your lesson interrupted by Romana walking by asking you if your trainer has you working hard enough, but the magic is in every one of our instructors...not just the (forgive me Romana)...master herself. Personal training and True Pilates make the difference.

    Romana has selected our instructors, we're confident you won't be disappointed if you do as well.