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    Mat/Group Classes

    Mat Classes

    Group classes create a wonderful social dynamic, and anytime you make working out more fun, it's a positive. The challenge however was how to do group classes while still giving our clients the individual attention that will lead to the greatest improvement in their bodies with the greatest safety.  We keep our classes at a manageable level and our instructors have all completed a full certification program requiring hundreds of hours of study.

    Want to start your own Mat Class? With groups of 3 or more you can pick the day and time you want your co-workers or friends to work out and we'll set up a class for you. Please check out our schedules for the East Side Location and the West Side Location. Special pricing is available. Great for companies. Our Westside location also features Adult Fitness classes where traditional fitness exercises exist side by side with gymnastic rings, trapeze and parallel bars all under the supervision of veteran instructors.  You won't be intimidate, you will be inspired.