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    TPNY - Our Classes

    All of our programs share three common denominators. Personal attention, movement and consistency.

    Personal Attention:
    We believe the most effective results and the greatest satisfaction is achieved when we treat everyone based on individual needs, resources and capabilities. A well rounded program will address your individual background and goals in order to lead you step by step to a great experience of personal achievement and satisfaction.

    Exercise and instruction will carry you beyond the time you spend at our studio into the time you spend away from us. It is in the True Pilates Method to effect the way you move and carry yourself after you leave the exercises in our studios. It is this lasting effect that made such world-renown dance icons as George Balanchine and Martha Graham to become devotees of the original Pilates method.

    At many studios there is an inconsistency when working with different teachers. All of our instructors are following the principles of True Pilates in the way which Joseph Pilates himself taught. That guarantees consistency in the approach, method, progress and results.
    You will receive instruction that builds logically, step-by-step and makes you visibly move, look and feel better. Whether participating in sports, running life's daily errands or making it a little easier to get out of bed in the morning our programs are designed to help you move through life.