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    True Pilates New York


    We like to say that Pilates right now is like the wild wild west. There is a land grab going on for everyone to claim their territory. Well, if this is indeed the west, then Romana, her daughter Sari and her granddaughter Daria are the Wyatt Earp Gang. Straight shooters who lay down the law of what Pilates should be.

    Pilates should be safe. It should be effective. It should be what Joseph Pilates taught...after all we name this exercise program after him. That's what you will find at True Pilates New York.

    True Pilates New York, formerly Drago's has been the home of Romana Kryzanowska and her family for over 30 years. We provide personal and group training in both Pilates and Adult Fitness.

    We have been in our building on 57th street longer than any other tenant, and we have done it without buying a single advertisement for our studio. Word of mouth and the wonderful work of all our teachers truly speaks for itself.

    In Pilates we speak of the powerhouse; the muscles in the core of our frame that keep us tall and strong. Our teachers and our clients...they are our true powerhouse!