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    Our West Side Location

    Our West Side Location

    True Pilates New Yorktom
    50 West 57th street 6th floor



    Specials at True Pilates West for Private Sessions

    Introductory Special (new clients only):

    • Purchase 1 private Session at regular price and the 2nd Session is Free

    Quick Start Special:

    Joseph Pilates said "in 10 sessions you will feel better, in 20 sessions you will look better and in 30 sessions you will have a totally new body." He based that quote on three sessions a week for ten weeks. We base our quick start special on the same guidelines. Buy a 30 session package which will be honored over 12 weeks (in case you need a little down time or life gets in the way) and save $570 off of our regular pricing.

    • Purchase 30 private Sessions at $2400