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True Pilates New York is proud to be able to trace it's roots back to the original Pilates Studio in New York City, founded and run by Joseph and Clara Pilates.
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Why True Pilates?

Pilates is more than an exercise system and gymnastics isn't just for the young and agile - there's an artistry and philosophy that go with these practices that put some studios in a league of their own. True Pilates New York is one of those studios.

Practicing Pilates in the way its founder Joseph Pilates originally intended, all of True Pilates New York instructors share the same mindset when it comes to this distinguished discipline. True Pilates New York also does adult gymnastics, helping participants improve strength and flexibility.

quote1Many of their students started as mature adults and some are still doing it at over 70. Whether you're a high flier or never leave the mat both Pilates and gymnastics can help you move better and feel better. Come see what these professionals can do for you!

We've been making New Yorkers better for generations. Never a membership, never a contract.




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Adult Gymnastics
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